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Body Sugaring

Sugaring is an ALL natural method of body hair removal. It began hundreds of years ago by the Egyptians. Sugar paste is massaged into the skin by hand at lukewarm temperature. It is safe, gentle and the most effective way to remove unwanted hair for men and women.


100% natural
eliminate ingrown hair
prevent new ingrown hair
gradually diminishes hair growth
leaves skin feeling silky smooth
extract all hair colors and textures
successfully treat all skin types and colors
improve the skin’s tone and texture
treat various skin problems such as keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, etc…

 Facial Waxing 

 Brow Wax  $20
 Lip Wax  $15 
 Chin Wax  $15 
 Brow & Lip   $30 
 Side Burns  $15 
 Brow/Lip/Chin  $40 
 Lip & Chin  $27

 Body Waxing 

 Full Back  $55
 Half Back  $35 
 Chest  $45 
 Stomach  $20 
 Under Arm  $25 
 Fore Arms  $30 
 Half Leg  $40 
 Full Leg  $60 
 Bikini  $40 and up 
 Brazilian   $65 and up 
 Buttocks Only  $30 and up 

 Sugaring (Facial)

 Lip Sugaring  $18
 Chin Sugaring  $18 
 Side Burns  $15 
 Lip & Chin  $32 


 Full Back  $65
 Half Back  $40
 Chest  $52
 Stomach  $25
 Under Arm  $28
 Fore Arm  $45
 Half Leg  $50
 Full Leg  $70
 Bikini  $45 and up 
 Brazilian  $75 and up 
 Buttocks Only  $35 and up 


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