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Green Peel


Green peel is an all-natural treatment, which is used to exfoliate the skin. It helps to renew the skin, it helps to fade hyperpigmentation, treat sun spots, fine lines, and acne. It has micro particles in it that are massaged into the skin which helps to renew the skin from within and is a safe alternative to chemical peels, laser, and prescription acne medications.

What does Green Peel improve?

1) Sun Damage & Aging

Green Peel is a potent anti-aging skin rejuvenator that stimulates skin cell renewal, collagen and elastin production and improves the texture of the skin surface. It removes old and dead cells from the skin’s outer layer without harming the younger, living cells, resulting in softer, smoother skin. Penetrating micro particles additionally aid in the delivery of bio-active and anti-oxidant compounds deep into the dermis, which produce future anti-aging effects.

2) Acne

Green Peel improves acne by reducing oil production, accelerating sloughing of the external skin layer, reducing blocked pores, decreasing bacterial counts and reducing inflammation, all without the typical irritation and delayed results associated with benzoyl peroxide and retinoids. We have found it can be as effective as Accutane, without the drug side effects!

3) Hyperpigmentation & Melasma

Green Peel sloughs away impurities and dead skin cells and boosts skin’s natural self-peeling process, which will help lighten brown spots and patches.

4) Bruising & Swelling

Green Peel fades bruising when performed after Juvederm and other fillers.

Green Peel

30 minutes $135

Post Peel Hydration Facial (one week later) $115

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